Aktueller Maschinenbestand

MOC Danner KR 850-S
Parts cleaning with aqueous alkaline wash liquor
max. Batch Size L x W x H 700 x 700 x 600 mm
max. Batch weight 100 kg
Control Siemens Simatic OP7
Body and components:
Treatment chamber with integrated rotary drum
storage tank
Sliding door, designed as a pneumatic cylinder
Circulation system with dual bag filter
drying device
Complete rack system with integrated floor panel & pan
flood pump
Return pump
2 filter devices
Oil Skimmers
4 Docking Cart


Roll RWT 0053-032-020-3A
Parts washer with ultrasound device, built in 1995
Vacuum distillation unit roll VD 035, built in 2000
Cleaning Media: perchlorethylene / tetrachlorethylene
basket size: 530 x 320 x 200 mm
results 1 batch, max. 10 batches / h depending on the cleaning program
Batch weight max. 80 kg
Exercise program for cage motion: turning of the goods carrier
1 Automatic loading of the working chamber
2 Clean with solvent, hot
3 Condensate cleaning in solvent vapor, hot
4 Preserve in solvent-oil preservative mixture, hot
5 Parts drying by convection
6 Automatic unloading of the working chamber
7 Rinse the concentration measuring lock on activated carbon
8 Automatic unloading of the measured concentration lock
The last inspection in accordance with 3 of the 2nd BimSchV was conducted in March 2011


Roll PER degreasing machine RWTVS 067-048-030-03
Built in 2001
Machine hours: 6370h
exhaust-free operation
Drum Recording basket - Basket (L x W x H) 670 x 480 x 300 mm
SPS cotrol
Built-in steam generator
Rotating or pivoting of shopping carts
vacuum drying
automatic. Loading and unloading
filter drying
Ultrasonic equipment for ultrasonic cleaning
Filling and emptying of the system via Safe-Tainer system
Bypass vacuum distillation unit
increased distillate capacity: 120l / h


Roll degreasing machine / Solvent cleaning system RWT/67/48/30/3

Built in 1988
with solvent recovery plant built in 1992, charging system, Aermac refrigeration unit, ultrasonic device
Lot Size Length x Width x Height 670 x 480 x 300 mm
max. Batch weight 150 kg
max. 14 batches / h
The final acceptance in accordance with § 3 of the second BimSchV was conducted in September 2009


Roll degreasing machine / solvent cleaning system RWTV 067-048-030-3A

Built in 1994
with gas photometer and ultrasonic generator
Lot Size Length x Width x Height 670 x 480 x 300 mm
max. Batch weight 150 kg
max. 10 batches / h
Process: 1.Automatic loading of the working chamber, in solvent 2.cleaning hot 3. Condensate cleaning in solvent vapor, hot 4. preserve in solvent preservative oil mixture, hot 5.Part drying by vacuum 6.Automatic unloading of the work chamber, 7 . flushing the concentration measuring lock on activated carbon, the concentration measurement 8.Automatic unload lock
Overall dimensions: length x width x height 6600 x 2400 x 3000 mm


Roll RET WL 2-676/48/20/5 degreasing machine / cleaning system

Year 1993
Rebuilt in October 2004
Throughput capacity of 20 batches / baskets per hour a 30 kg
2 driving cars with 2 shots for standard cleaning boxes 480 x 320 x 200 mm, automatic basket closure, automatic loading and unloading, gravity separator, Plate phase separators, Druckumfluten in pool 1, Ökomar evaporator plant RAV 1500 ED 48 for cleaning rinsing and passivation, conveyors for continuous chip outlet. Circulating air dryer, space for two batches, 18 kW heating power, integrated in unloading. Transport track renewal, washing sequence: Pool 1: Wash at 70 ° C, Druckumfluten, conveyors, pool 2: Wash at 70 ° C, Pool 3: rinsing tank 4: rinsing at 70 ° C, tank 5: drying with hot air at 130 ° C. , in the subsequent drying tunnel conveyor. RAV (Ökomat evaporator): 1200L - dirty tank, 140L - evaporator, 360L - distillate fuel. Oil Separator: 270L with Skimmer and an additional phase separator plate.